We love the Service! The nappies always arrive smelling so nice and clean. We love the design and quality of the nappies.  It also takes a big load off in terms of washing them ourselves!  The drop off service is really convenient - we don't have anything but praise for Cottontail.

Jay - Meridan Plains QLD

​​​​​ I'm totally happy!  In the last week, I've had NO nappy leaks or poo explosions. The nappies come beautiful and fresh to my door, ready to use. The insides are so soft on my TWINS bottoms and don't move when they do.  They come in a beautiful range of colours. We LOVE this experience and service.
Meghan - Caloundra QLD 

Nappy Service Reviews

Why Cloth Nappy?

Mother and daughter team are behind the Cloth Nappy Laundry Service in Sunshine Coast. The first cloth nappy service is here,

to help You and the Earth. 

Raising a child is a big step for every person that takes the journey. It also takes a large toll on our earth, with many millions of nappies entering landfills every year.

This is where Cottontail Nappy Service in Sunshine Coast comes in, a new cloth modern nappy delivery service. We have now launched and are tailoring to help make parent's and carer's lives easier, while helping remove the toll on our landfills and on our earth.

We want to give eco-friendly parents and child care centres on the coast a reusable Modern Cloth Nappy to save thousands of dollars and reduce the negative impact on our environment.

Ashley is a new mum, with the arrival of her first baby in July.  She's looking forward to bringing her enthusiasm and dedication to improving todays ecosystem for the future, and spreading awareness on natural alternatives for our babies with her new mums groups and the Coast's Child Care Centres.

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​​​ The brillant Cottontail Nappy Service has taken away my hesitation in using modern cloth nappies! The eco-friendly nappies seem to be leak proof and are super cute too.  The team are very helpful and the service is so convenient for a First Time Mum. Thank you, Ladies!
Julia - Little Mountain QLD 

My 15 month old TWINS sleep from 7pm to 7am.  I find by using the charcoal night booster and one additional bamboo booster, that the Cottontail Nappy is absorbent enough that we have no leaks overnight. 

Sheryl - Maroochydore QLD

Simple. Gentle. Sustainable.

Sunshine Coast's First Cloth Nappy Service

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